7th APRIL 2015 - Vol.XXXVIII No.018
World News

Germany to mark year of Einstein

BERLIN: Germany, the birthplace of Albert Einstein, launches a year of international celebrations to mark the 100th anniversary of three of the physicist's four papers that changed the way we view the Universe.

Tomorrow, Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder will officially open Einstein Year, a programme of events to celebrate the work of the best-known name in science whose Jewish origins and pacifist beliefs led him to turn his back on his homeland in the face of persecution from the Nazis.

The German celebration of Einstein's life runs alongside the World Year of Physics, a UN-backed effort to spark fresh interest in physics.

Born in 1879 in the southern city of Ulm, Einstein wrote three ground-breaking works in 1905.

He pushed forward understanding of the laws of motion, enabling experiments to prove that atoms existed. For this he won the 1921 Nobel prize.

Then he set down the special theory of relativity, arguing that distance and time are not absolute, leading to his most famous formula, E=mc2, which was essential for the development of atomic weapons.

Ten years later, he defined the general theory of relativity, which suggested gravity as well as motion affect time and space.

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