7th APRIL 2015 - Vol.XXXVIII No.018
Local News

A hair-raising project!

RADIO Bahrain DJ Krazy Kevin has agreed to shave off his trademark long hair to raise money for victims of the tsunami disaster. He is now calling for other volunteers to come forward and follow suit.

However, each person must raise a minimum of BD500 in sponsorship to join in.

It follows the success of the Hands Across the Water fundraising event at the Diplomat Radisson SAS Hotel on January 13, which brought in over BD30,000.

"I haven't had it short since the 90s, so it will be strange without it," Krazy Kevin told the GDN.

"Despite the great effort everyone made to raise all that money during the fundraising event at the Diplomat, I felt we could do even more.

"It's only a head of hair so it's worth giving it up for charity. I'm pretty sure it will grow back.

"Donations of hats and wigs will also be welcome after my hair's come off!"

Donations can be made by calling Krazy Kevin on 39891757, or by e-mailing [email protected]

The last day for all funds to be collected is February 15.

Donations can also be made to a Tsunami Disaster Fund set up at HSBC Bank under the account number 001-077403-002.

"There will be regular updates about how much we have raised and I am hoping that people will pay dearly to see me bald," said Krazy Kevin.

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