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Copying celebrities can be dangerous

The latest fad diet to be endorsed by celebrities is One Meal a Day. The likes of Brad Pitt, Cliff Richard, Courtney Cox and Elizabeth Hurley all swear by it. But as with all other diets, it is simply not natural for your body to function in this way because what your body requires is a steady supply of nutrients.

Dieting that involves denying your body food is not good for your health.

The problem with celebrities putting their names to diets is that many impressionable young men and women aspire to look like the celebrities that they admire.

Many beautiful young women look at pictures of celebrities and then feel unhappy about their own appearance.

Celebrities project perfection leading young and vulnerable people to reject their own natural beauty.

As a consequence they can easily become preoccupied with their pursuit of perfection that is unattainable.

And women are not alone - 10 per cent of people with eating problems are men.

The current ideal of beauty for women as portrayed by our celebrity icons is a slim, almost boy like figure with large breasts.

For men it is a chiselled look and a six-pack abdomen.

This is an impossible ideal for most of us and can put tremendous pressure on those who buy into this ideal, instead of enjoying their own natural beauty and uniqueness.

As Brad Pitt once commented, to be truly beautiful can be a double-edged sword.

People are attracted to beauty like moths to a flame, but are later disappointed.

The beautiful tend to rely upon their looks as their ticket through life and often fail to develop their personalities because they don't have to.

But physical beauty is transient - it is but a fleeting gift and it does not last long.

We are far better off taking pleasure in our own individuality and getting on with enjoying life.

As for the slimmer-than-slim body that may be gained through eating just one meal a day, the body needs some stored fat in case of illness.

There are hidden dangers. For instance, many young women face difficulty conceiving because they are underweight.

The question we need to be asking ourselves is what are our bodies for?

Our body is our most treasured possession and we need to respect it and keep it healthy and strong in order to maintain a healthy immune system.

Then it will last a long time and should illness strike, it can fight it off vigorously.

Dangers of one meal a day

If you starve all day you may lose control when you eventually have a meal and eat too much.

It is a short-term solution.

Once you return to regular eating your body may go into emergency mode and begin storing fat again.

It can lead to fatigue. It may suit the celebrity lifestyle of only working in short bursts, but it is totally unsuitable for those of us who work long hours every day.

All fad diets mess with your metabolism and can lead to binge eating.

For most of us, following a regular, balanced diet is ideal and my Healthy Eating Guide is designed to help you to achieve this.

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