7th APRIL 2015 - Vol.XXXVIII No.018
Local News

Activist is removed from post

A TOP human rights and political activist was removed from a senior post at Bahrain University yesterday.

Dr Abduljalil Al Sengase has been removed as College of Engineering mechnical engineering department head, but continues as a lecturer.

The decision follows a faculty committee inquiry into Dr Al Sengase's travel to the US during the spring holiday last month, to take part in political and human rights activities.

Dr Al Sengase told the GDN yesterday that he had received a warning on Monday from the committee and yesterday received a written decision removing him from the post.

"I have been summoned in front of the committee once and confronted with the accusations, but I denied them all since they were not related to my university work and were in my free time," he said.

"This is really unfair because I am spending a lot of my free time to ensure that the department is running in the best way possible and students and lecturers are not facing any trouble.

"These problems began when I came back from the US and are in continuation to a verbal message by one of the top security personnel, telling me to stop being involved in groups with political agendas."

A university spokesman confirmed the decision, saying a detailed statement would be issued later.

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