7th APRIL 2015 - Vol.XXXVIII No.018
Local News

Mannequins ban councillor up in arms

A MUHARRAQ Municipal Councillor is furious after his proposal to ban scantily clad mannequins from lingerie shop windows was apparently ignored by his colleagues.

Majeed Karimi suggested the ban last November, but he says that since then it appears to have been "lost".

He now plans to submit the proposal for a second time at a meeting of the Muharraq Municipal Council today.

"What people don't understand is that modern mannequins look too real and are exciting to young men, who crowd around the shop windows," Mr Karimi told the GDN.

"Displaying mannequins in lingerie is against Islamic and social values, but who listens?

"These mannequins look like real women with exactly the same features.

"I have received various complaints from people who say they feel aroused by these mannequins."

Mr Karimi claims young men in Muharraq linger in front of lingerie shops - not only to watch women enter and leave, but also to fantasise about the mannequins.

"We want shop owners to remove them at once because these mannequins are affecting the way our children are being raised," said Mr Karimi, who is chairman of the council's legislative, financial and administrative affairs committee.

"We are already facing a tough time fighting pornography through mobile phones, the Internet, magazines and video."

However, Mr Karimi denied that he is against using mannequins altogether to display clothes.

"We don't mind covered-up mannequins and those used to exhibit sport and children's wear," he said.

"Our problem is just with mannequins wearing lingerie. I have talked with owners several times, but they said if they didn't use mannequins women wouldn't come into their shop and no-one would know about their new products.

"I have told them and I am telling other shop owners that women know what they want and where to find it.

"If they want lingerie they will look for it inside the shop and not outside."

The Central Municipal Council agreed to ban scantily clad mannequins last month after a similar proposal was submitted by health and environment committee chairman Abbas Mahfoodh.

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