7th APRIL 2015 - Vol.XXXVIII No.018
World News

Photographer trying to snap Britney shot

LOS ANGELES: A photographer, who had sought to take pictures of pregnant hip-hop diva Britney Spears, was shot in the leg yesterday and ended up in the hospital, police said. The paparazzo, whose name has not been released, was staking out a house in Malibu that he believed Spears was visiting. He received birdshot in his thigh when he was outside the property and was taken to the hospital, said Lieutenant Steve Smith of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's office.

The wound did not appear to be life-threatening.

Spears, 23, whose presence in Malibu has not been confirmed, is expected to give birth this fall.

Fanning in the reckoning

LOS ANGELES: At the tender age of 11, child star Dakota Fanning is a cinematic force to be reckoned with, prompting one US show business magazine to crown her Hollywood's most powerful actress. While Tinseltown's leading ladies live in terror of being dismissed by producers as being over the hill, Fanning, who co-stars opposite Tom Cruise in Steve Spielberg's epic movie War of the Worlds, is in no such danger.

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