7th APRIL 2015 - Vol.XXXVIII No.018
World News

Virtual lover 'enough reason for divorce'

Erotic talk with a virtual partner in chatrooms on the Internet are enough grounds for a spouse to file for divorce, a legal magazine said yesterday, citing a recent ruling in Belgium.

Belgian legal publication De Juristenkrant said the Brussels Appeals Court ruled that although transcripts of the erotic chatroom conversation do not prove adultery, they do constitute proof of "grossly insulting behaviour" which is sufficient grounds to file for divorce.

Crackling welcome!

Setting off firecrackers is one sure way to meet your new neighbours. Especially if you do it at 1:45 a.m. Newly arrived in Shanghai, Liu Qingling decided to celebrate moving in with an early morning barrage that quickly drew a crowd.

"The situation almost turned violent when several residents criticised Liu and his family with sharp words and several fist fights broke out," the Shanghai Daily reported. Liu apologised, but said he was following the tradition of his native Fujian province. The management committee of Liu's downtown housing complex has demanded a written apology, threatening to call police if he refuses.

Fellini's erotic side

Erotic drawings by Italian film director Federico Fellini are proving popular with art lovers in Austria, where an exhibition opened this month. A gallery in Krems, north Austria, has seen great interest in its "Erotomachia" exhibition, which assembles 29 erotic drawings sketched by Fellini in his twilight years 1991-1992, a spokeswoman for the Karikaturmuseam, Katrin Draxl, said. Fellini, who directed the Oscar-winning classic La Dolce Vita, as well as Amarcord and La Strada, was a keen artist. The drawings of Gianna show a sizeable woman, strong and sensual, contrasted with a small man, almost faceless, who serves as her toy. The exhibition runs until January 29.

Sane talk on sanitation

Participants at the World Toilet Summit, taking place this week in Northern Ireland, are shrugging off sniggers to insist everyone must pay attention to the "last taboo" of proper sanitation. "We have been conditioned not to talk about it," Jack Sim, the Singaporean businessman who founded the World Toilet Organisation, which runs the annual event, said. The potential for mockery is high.

Presentations during the event at Belfast's appropriately-named Waterfront Hall include Changing Washroom Behaviour, Public Toilet Excellence - The Singapore Model and Managing Out Crime in Public Toilets.

Inside the exhibition centre, a young woman driving a moveable toilet stall circulates between stands. But aid workers stress that the subject is a hugely serious one. "Forty-two per cent of the world's population, 2.6 billion people, have no access to basic sanitation," said Therese Mahon from British-based charity Water Aid.

100 cats found dead

Up to 100 dead cats have been found abandoned in an empty apartment in northeast England, Britain's leading animal charity said yesterday.

Many of the dead animals were wedged behind radiators or crammed into freezer cabinets at a flat in Leeds where the floors were ankle deep in human and cat faeces.

"It appears that someone may have been living among these corpses," said Lynsey Harris, an inspector with the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

The charity had been called by a company hired to clean flats in the block. The cleaners removed a total of 11 large dustbin liners of animal bodies and body parts.

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