7th APRIL 2015 - Vol.XXXVIII No.018
Local News

Thief taunts his victim

A BAHRAINI man claims he has been taunted by an anonymous vandal and thief who has not been caught by police for over six years.

He says the man mocks him every time he strikes by sending a message to his mobile phone.

The Bahraini, who did not wish to be named, said the attacks started six years ago, when the man broke into his apartment in Umm Al Hassam and stole BD5,000 worth of watches, electronic appliances and other valuable items.

The man reportedly sent him the first of many messages, admitting to what he did and mocking him for not being caught by the police.

In the latest incident, his GMC Yukon was vandalised. It is the fourth car he had bought in six years.

During that time, he says, his cars were vandalised over 10 times and he received the same message after every attack.

"He always comes at night vandalises my car and escapes uncaught," he said.

"I always report it to the Umm Al Hassam Police Station and give them the phone number of the messages.

"However, the police never do anything for me even though I go to the station and report my car was vandalised every time.

"They always tell me that if I know the person behind the vandalism I should tell them, otherwise they can't do anything."

The victim said the police never find anything or identify who was behind the vandalism or theft.

"I called his number several times and he never picks up," he said.

"I don't have any enemies and I don't know what this person wants from me, he has been doing this to me for six years and he was never caught."

"He always targets my cars he leaves scratches all over them and leaves.

"One time I was out of Bahrain and when I came back I found my Toyota Camry smashed and the dashboard broken in pieces."

The victim's other two cars, a Nissan Sunny and Ford Crown Victoria, were scratched badly.

"Every time this person sends messages he shows how proud he is that no one can reach him or do anything to him," he said.

In his messages the victim says that the man challenges the highest authority in the Interior Ministry to try and arrest him.

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