7th APRIL 2015 - Vol.XXXVIII No.018
Local News

MP wants to chop hands off thieves

MANAMA: An MP wants to chop the hands off thieves, under proposed tough new changes to Bahrain's penal code.

Shaikh Ali Mattar wants Sharia law applied against people convicted of theft or burglary at private homes or any other premises.

This would mean chopping off a hand and also sending the culprit to prison, MPs heard during parliament's first regular session yesterday following the spring break.

Thefts are rising and secular law is not strong enough to stop it, said Shaikh Mattar, who introduced the proposal.

Thieves should feel the agony of their victims and this would be a permanent lesson to them, he said.

Current law stipulates a minimum six-month jail sentence for theft, whether it be at private, public or commercial premises.

Theft in the existing law covers burglary, robbery, armed robbery, trickery and straight stealing of cash or property.

MPs agreed that Shaikh Mattar's proposal, which came as they discussed a series of amendments to the penal code, should be discussed by the foreign affairs, defence and national security committee.

It will make recommendations to be discussed at a later parliament meeting.

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