7th APRIL 2015 - Vol.XXXVIII No.018
Local News

Bay detainee 'in great pain'

A BAHRAINI detainee at Guantanamo Bay can barely stand or exercise after being subjected to painful force-feeding in an effort to make him abandon his hunger strike, his lawyers claimed yesterday. Isa Al Murbati revealed the problems during a meeting with his lawyers at the maximum-security facility in January, but notes taken by his representatives have only just been declassified.

They say other than being offered the drug Motrin, which was tried and did not work, the 42-year-old prisoner has not received any treatment for his injuries.

"During our earlier visit in January, Isa had described being subjected to painful forced feeding in a successful effort to make him abandon his hunger strike," said legal team head Joshua Colangelo-Bryan.

"Isa has been held in Camp One since the time that he was forced from the hunger strike.

"Isa has experienced pain in his knees and shoulders as a result of the rough treatment he received from an Immediate Response Force during the forced feeding.

"Also, his legs are swollen, making it difficult to bend, stand or exercise. Isa is allowed to exercise two times per week."

The lawyer said his client became emotional when given information about his family.

"Isa was very interested in hearing news about our trip to Bahrain and our visit with his family," he said.

"I told Isa that we had met with his three sons and that one of his sons had promised him a cake when he returns home.

"I told Isa that one of his sons had asked him to call home, which of course is not possible.

"Isa began to cry when I shared this news with him.

"I told him that many people in Bahrain are working to bring him home, but I do wish that I could have had told him something more concrete in order to comfort him."

Mr Al Murbati is one of three Bahrainis currently being held in Guantanamo Bay along with Salah Abdulrasool Al Blooshi, 24, and Juma Al Dossary, 32, who has attempted suicide 13 times since his incarceration. They are approaching their fifth year of detention at the facility without a trial.

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