7th APRIL 2015 - Vol.XXXVIII No.018
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'Deathbed' plea by Bay detainee

A BAHRAINI detainee at Guantanamo Bay says he feels like he is "on death's bed" and has appealed to the government to send a medical delegation there to give him a thorough physical and mental examination.

Juma Al Dossary, 32, thinks he may have a blood infection as a result of a blood transfusion he received at the prison camp after attempting to commit suicide by slashing his throat and leg on March 11.

He makes the appeal in a letter addressed to his New York-based lawyer dated June 12, but the letter has only just been declassified by the US military.

"After they (the US military) gave me a blood transfusion after my suicide attempt, I have been suffering from a strange condition," claims Mr Al Dossary in the letter.

"They carried out an examination of my blood and they told me I have blood diseases and problems.

"I request you (his lawyers) to inform my government about this and publish it in the media - and request my government to send a medical delegation to see and confirm that they do not transfer dangerous diseases to me through blood transfusions."

The letter was written shortly after Mr Al Dossary learned of the death of his father and sent to his lawyer Joshua Colangelo-Bryan, who released it to the GDN yesterday.

In it, he says prison officials told him he would be allowed to make a phone call to his family after being told his father had died, but claimed he was not receiving letters sent by his family.

"I am sending you this letter and I am very sad at the death of my father," Mr Al Dossary writes. "I was suffering from stomach pains and I used to go to the toilet 14 times (a day).

"They used to search me 28 times in a day and lately my psychological condition has deteriorated a great extent.

"The thing that added to my sorrow was the death of my father and now I am in a very bad way."

Mr Al Dossary, who has attempted suicide 13 times, says that he does not feel he can continue with life at the US prison camp in Cuba.

"On June 8, the psychiatrist asked to meet with me accompanied by the cultural attaché," says the letter. "They told me that my father had died on May 31 and that they read the news on the Internet.

"They contacted the Red Cross to confirm the news and the Red Cross contacted my family and confirmed it.

"They told me the Admiral would arrange a telephone call to my family through the embassy.

"I got sick after hearing this news, especially since it came while I was in this bad condition. I still don't have my belongings and I am still in solitary confinement.

"I also have not received the letters from my family. My psychological and physical condition is very serious and I don't think I can continue with this.

"I have a very bad feeling and I feel that my end is near.

"I request you to come to visit me in Cuba if you can, even without a translator, and come soon. "I am pleading you to do something for me - I feel I am on death's bed."

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