7th APRIL 2015 - Vol.XXXVIII No.018
Local News

'Sex slave' held

A WOMAN who claims she was locked up and sexually assaulted for eight months has been arrested after she showed up at a police station.

The 28-year-old Sri Lankan housemaid claimed she was held prisoner by a man she turned to for help after fleeing from a prostitution den, a Public Prosecution spokesman told the GDN yesterday.

She said she was locked up by the 54-year-old man, also from Sri Lanka, after he offered her a place to stay.

A warrant has now been issued for the man's arrest, added the spokesman.

"She stayed with him for a while until he kicked her out for causing a lot of disturbance and for always yelling at him," he said.

"She said he locked her in his apartment for eight months and sexually assaulted her during her stay."

The woman arrived in Bahrain to work as a housemaid for a Bahraini family, but ran away after three months.

She was living in the streets when another Sri Lankan man introduced her to a Sri Lankan woman, said the spokesman.

The woman offered her a place to stay, but turned out to be a prostitute who brought men back to her apartment for sex.

"She offered to bring customers to the defendant so that she could earn some money," said the spokesman.

"However, the defendant refused to work as a prostitute and left the place to live with the 54-year-old man."

"She confessed that she stayed with a prostitute after running away from her sponsor."

The maid has reportedly told police that she wants to return to her home country.

She is now being held in custody for running away from her sponsor. The alleged prostitute who gave her shelter has also been arrested and charged with prostitution, as well as living in Bahrain without a visa.

"Her (the alleged prostitute's) sponsor agreed to let her work on a free visa basis in return for BD250 every two years," said the spokesman.

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