7th APRIL 2015 - Vol.XXXVIII No.018
Local News

Buran case review set

MANAMA: The case involving stranded Russian space shuttle Buran will be reviewed, following an appeal filed by Singaporean company Space Shuttle World Tour.

The shuttle has been stranded in Bahrain for nearly five years following an ownership dispute between Space Shuttle World Tour and Russian firm NPO Moiniya, which originally sold the space shuttle to the former, but later filed a case in Bahrain courts claiming it was not paid in full.

Singaporean company lawyer Maha Jaber seeks to appeal the High Civil Court ruling that said the dispute fell outside Bahrain's jurisdiction.

The appeal is supported by a reconciliation contract between the companies after the balance payment of $160,000 (BD60,000) was paid to complete the $460,000 sale.

Presently, four parties are involved in the dispute - the Russian company that wants it back; the Singaporean company which says it has full ownership since it has made the payment; German group seeking to buy the space shuttle from NPO Moiniya; and the Malaysian Tourism Ministry whose claims are based on an agreement with the Singaporean company to display the shuttle for a summer festival.

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