7th APRIL 2015 - Vol.XXXVIII No.018
Local News

Fish deaths alert

A PROBE has been launched to discover why thousands of dead fish washed up on the shores of Sitra and Sanad over the last four days.

Samples of the fish have been taken to labs for further study and a report on the problem will be ready by next week, said Public Commission for the Protection of Marine Resources, Environment and Wildlife head Anwar Al Hariri.

However, he said that fish deaths were a natural phenomenon in summer due to the high temperatures.

"The problem is also due to the water circulation in the sea and lack of oxygen which causes fish to die," said Mr Al Hariri.

He said that some fishermen also throw small fish that they do not need back into the sea and they wash up on the shore.

"There were hundreds of fish in the past few days that were five to six centimetres in length," said Mr Al Hariri.

"This is not a worrying problem as it is a natural occurrence in the summer."

However, Fishermen's Union president Hussain Al Mughani said that the cause was polluted water, adding that some areas of the sea lacked oxygen, leading to the deaths.

"Fish are dying in masses because of land reclamation and increasing industrial pollution," he claimed.

"We have seen many dead fish in the sea in the past four days.

"Some seabeds are black in colour and have no marine life, and in some areas the water is yellow and contains large amounts of sulphide."

Dirt has also covered the seabed at Tubli Bay, which was once a haven for marine life, said Mr Al Mughani.

"It is no longer that but a cemetery," he said.

"Claims about the fish dying due to high water temperatures are not true. More than 500kg of fish have died due to pollution and lack of oxygen, which is not a good sign."

Mr Al Mughani said that water currents were also another cause of the deaths, as they only change on the surface of the sea and not on the seabed.

"The solution to this problem is to open a channel from Tubli Bay passing through Askar and Ma'ameer and ending at Sitra in order to renew the water currents," he said.

Mr Al Hariri added that a project to clean and open channels in the Tubli Bay would be implemented soon by the Works and Housing Ministry and the Public Commission.

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