7th APRIL 2015 - Vol.XXXVIII No.018
Local News

Prostitute robbed by client loses court battle

A THAI prostitute arrested after reporting to the police that a client had robbed her has lost her appeal against conviction.

Her lawyer argued in the High Criminal Appeal Court that the 36-year-old woman had gone to the police as a crime victim, and as such they had no ground to question her about her activities.

He said she did not understand what happened when she admitted prostitution, when police questioned her after realising that her visa had expired.

But the judges disagreed and upheld the original verdict delivered by the Lower Criminal Court on July 17, in which she was convicted of prostitution and staying in Bahrain illegally.

She was jailed for six months for prostitution and fined BD50 for failing to renew her visa.

The appeal court also upheld the sentence and the ruling that she be deported immediately after completing her sentence.

She went to the police in July this year, to report that a Saudi client had stolen her handbag.

Police then realised that she had no valid visa and was staying in Bahrain illegally, the appeal court heard.

The woman said in her statement to prosecutors that she had arrived in Bahrain on August 31 last year and obtained a one-month tourist visa at the airport.

She said she renewed her visa twice and then it expired on December 28 last year.

"When I arrived in Bahrain for the first time, I stayed in a hotel near Bab Al Bahrain area for six months, and then I moved to another hotel in the same area and stayed there for a month," said the woman.

"I moved to yet another hotel in the same area and stayed there until I was arrested, when I went to the police station to file a complaint against a Saudi guest who stole my handbag from my room in the hotel.

"When I went to the police station, they discovered that my visa had expired. The police then filed a case against me for prostitution and staying illegally in Bahrain."

The woman admitted working as a prostitute.

"I practised sex with the Saudi who stole my handbag," she said.

"I used to practise sex with hotel guests and charged them from BD10 to BD20.

"I would sit in the lounge area and look for customers and have sex with them in their rooms in the hotel."

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