7th APRIL 2015 - Vol.XXXVIII No.018
Local News

Nude phone video woman to face trial

A YOUNG Bahraini woman, who was arrested for exposing herself in pictures shot on a mobile phone that circulated via Bluetooth, will be tried today at the Lower Criminal Court.

"The defendant, who was previously convicted over drug charges, was reported to police by a Bahraini man on Friday, who claimed that he could help them arrest her," Chief Public Prosecutor Usama Al Asfoor said yesterday.

"He said that he was present at the time when her nude pictures were taken, which has been circulated all over the country."

The police were able to identify the 20-year-old through her previous records, said Mr Al Asfoor.

She was later arrested that day at a hotel in Manama and was taken to the Public Prosecution for interrogation, where she confessed to the charges against her.

"She said that she was drunk the night her picture was taken while she was out with a number of men," said Mr Al Asfoor.

"She said that she was aware that one of the men was taking pictures of her and she still decided to expose herself."

Investigations also revealed she had offered sex to one of the men in return for money, said Mr Al Asfoor.

She is being charged with immoral acts and prostitution.

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