7th APRIL 2015 - Vol.XXXVIII No.018
Local News

Manama 'green areas' planned

GREEN areas are to be created all over Manama to brighten up the city. The Manama Municipality is planning to set up green zones and squares, with four main busy areas already being selected for the project.

Councillors have urged the municipality to do more to "green up" the Capital Governorate, where they say greenery is sparse compared to the country's four other governorates.

The four areas already selected as green zones are near the American Mission Hospital, Al Hamra Cinema, Kuwait Avenue and near the Post Office in Adliya.

Now, councillors are looking for sponsors for the project and will name the green zones after those donating towards them.

Council services and public utilities committee Hameed Al Basri said the governorate was full of concrete developments with little greenery.

"We just have Al Fateh Corniche and a few public parks, while others in the country have vast green areas," he said.

"The capital is the image of the country and this is why we should be concentrating on making it pleasant.

"The municipality's decision to impose fines on those littering on the street from their cars, or while walking, was the first step to make the capital clean.

"Now, we are thinking of projects to make it more environment-friendly, rather than just being an investment hub."

Mr Al Basri said that there should be a balance between investment and greenery, something that is absent in Manama at the moment.

"But, things are set to change, as greenery would soon fill the capital," he said.

"We are in need of establishments and companies' support to help fund the project, which is new and is not included in the municipality's spending budget.

"For example, if one of the selected green areas or zones is near American Mission Hospital, it would be good if they funded it, as it would give the place they are in, a nicer image.

"The green areas and zones will be named after their sponsors in appreciation for their efforts and support and to encourage others to come forward and support our green campaign.

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