7th APRIL 2015 - Vol.XXXVIII No.018
Local News

Man caught in BD10,200 rent fraud

A RENT collector has been arrested for allegedly pocketing BD10,200, which should have gone to the landlord.

The Indian man later claimed to the police that the rent had been stolen from him.

He collected the money from a Bahraini woman living on a compound owned by the company he worked for, a Public Prosecution spokesman said yesterday.

He said the defendant was told by his employer to collect seven months rent from the woman and was given a receipt for her to sign.

But he in fact gave her a photocopy, leaving the original unsigned, so he could say she had not yet paid.

The company found out several days later that the woman had paid her rent, but it has never been passed on and the rent collector was arrested.

"He confessed to his charges but claimed the money was stolen from him," said the spokesman.

The defendant has been charged with fraud and remanded in custody for seven days.

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