7th APRIL 2015 - Vol.XXXVIII No.018
Local News

200 face expulsion

More than 200 Bahraini students face expulsion from the University of Pune for allegedly overstaying their visas, it emerged yesterday.

They face being booted out unless they pay a fine of not less than $200 (BD75.600) each, the Al Wefaq National Islamic Society says.

The organisation has now taken up their case with Indian Ambassador Balkrishna Shetty.

He has pledged to investigate the matter and said the embassy would offer any help it can.

"This is the first time that the matter has been brought to our attention," he told the GDN yesterday.

"We do not understand why the students face expulsion or why they are being fined."

"I cannot comment on it until we carry out an investigation."

Mr Shetty said the embassy only granted visas to students joining recognised universities.

He added the visas normally lasted for the duration of their studies.

"If the course is for three months we issue visa only for three months and if it is for three years we issue the visa accordingly," he said.

"We do not know whether the students have overstayed their visas."

"I have urged the society to advise the students to approach the Bahrain Consulate in Mumbai or the Bahrain Embassy in Delhi."

Mr Shetty added he had not received any information on the problem from the Foreign Ministry.

"All major universities in India, including those in Pune, have foreign students' advisers," he added.

"We shall carry out a detailed investigation in co-ordination with the concerned authorities." Present during yesterday's meeting at the embassy were Al Wefaq secretary-general and MP Shaikh Ali Salman and foreign and international relations head Saeed Al Majid. In a statement, the society said it would monitor the situation with the students and the embassy. [email protected]

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