7th APRIL 2015 - Vol.XXXVIII No.018
Sports News

Iran maintain lead in chess

IRAN continued to dominate the men's and women's categories of the Asian Zonal Chess Championship being held at Mishtan Hotel in Manama.

After five rounds, title favourite and International Master Ihsan Maghami of Iran maintained his unbeaten record in the men's section after he was forced to a draw with Taleb Mousa of the UAE.

Presently on 3.5 points, Maghami is taking a joint lead in this 10-player nine-round division with Iraq's Ali Laith who also tied with second seed Mahjoob Murtada in the fourth round's other top board fixture. Holding third place overall is Mousa with three points.

In other games, Ali Al Sulaiti of Bahrain defeated compatriot Maher Ayyad, Hussain Ayyad of Bahrain beat Kuwait's Omran Al Mousawi, and Jordan's Sami Khodar downed Qanea Shoja'at of Iran.

The Iranian women followed suit as they maintained their lead in their six-player division being held in a two-leg round robin league.

Porakishan Atousa of Iran and her compatriot Paridar Shadi are sharing the lead with 4.5 points after the two players tied in the top board fixture.

In the other games, Dalal Al Ghasra defeated Abeer Rajab and climbed up to third with 2.5 points along with Iraq's Zainal who defeated Aisha Abdulla of Bahrain.

Sixteen men and women players from West Asian countries are competing in this prestigious event of which the winner in each division will qualify for the World Cup to be staged in Mansiysk, Russia from November 22 to December 18.


The tournament will conclude on Sunday with the finals of both divisions, to be followed by the prize-giving ceremony under the patronage of General Organisation for Youth and Sport president Shaikh Fawaz bin Mohammed Al Khalifa.

Bahrain Mind Sports Association president and parliament member Adel Al Assomi said Bahrain is honoured to have this opportunity to organise such a major event which underlines the Kingdom's available facilities and abilities in hosting regional and international competitions.

Al Assomi extended his appreciation to Shaikh Fawaz for his continuous support to the activities organised by the association.

Meanwhile, Shaikh Fawaz followed up recent action during a visit to Mishtan Hotel.

The Goys chief met Al Assomi and other officials who briefed him on the latest development in the tournament and arrangements made to make this event a great success.

Shaikh Fawaz expressed appreciation for the efforts of the organisers besides the facilities and requirements provided for to the participants.

Next fixtures:

Men (fifth round): Ihsan Maghami (Iran) vs Omran Al Mousawi (Kuwait), Maher Ayyad (Bahrain) vs Sami Khodar (Jordan), Hussain Ayyad (Bahrain) vs Mahjoob Murtada (Iran), Ali Al Sulaiti (Bahrain) vs Ali Laith (Iraq), Taleb Mousa (UAE) vs Qanea Shoja'at (Iran).

Women (sixth round): Porakishan Atousa (Iran) vs Zainal Bassil (Iraq), Paridar Shadi (Iran) vs Dalal Al Ghasra (Bahrain), Abeer Rajab vs Aysha Abdulla (Bahrain).

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