7th APRIL 2015 - Vol.XXXVIII No.018
Local News

Pakistan Club celebrates National Day

VOLLEYBALL and hockey matches were the highlights of a festival in celebration of Bahrain's National Day at the Pakistan Club, Manama, last night.

Players were all club members, but were divided into various teams, for matches featuring Pakistan Club versus the Public Security and Manama residents versus Muharraq residents. Chief guest was businessman Shaikh Salman bin Mubarak Al Khalifa and guests of honour were Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry Asian business committee chairman Usman Sharif and Pakistan Embassy Charge d'Affaires Muhammed Saleem.

Hundreds of people attended the celebration, which also featured various entertainment programmes, including Bhangra and Kathak dances by local performers.

It also featured a cake-cutting ceremony by Shaikh Salman, Mr Sharif and Mr Saleem and a Potohari (language of the area in the north of Pakistani Punjab) night, featuring cultural programmes.

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