7th APRIL 2015 - Vol.XXXVIII No.018
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Zero tolerance to domestic violence urged

BAHRAIN has taken major steps towards women's empowerment, but more needs to be done, says a UN official.

Government and civil societies need to help women move into decision-making positions and there needs to be a zero tolerance approach towards domestic violence, UN resident co-ordinator Sayed Aqa told the GDN.

"Integration of women in government plans needs more work," he said.

"The number of women in decision-making, both in government and private sector, is low.

"More women in policy positions helps to support advocacy and policy, as well as improvement and implementation of laws.

"In the meantime, decision-makers should allocate more resources for women's empowerment and adopt zero tolerance against any form of violence and discrimination against women - at home and at work."

Mr Aqa said women empowerment and protection in Bahrain had been furthered by the National Action Charter, which considers all citizens equal and deserving of the same rights.


It has also been supported by the establishment of the Supreme Council for Women, the work of the Mother and Child Welfare Society and other non-governmental organisations.

He said it was important women were empowered and protected because sustainable human development would not take place without their active participation.

"Domestic violence against women, whether spouse or domestic workers, has real and harmful effects impeding development, peace and gender equality," he said.

"While it is important to deliver justice when violence takes place, it is also necessary to address the root causes of domestic violence.

"The UN responds to these issues through its work to correct social, economic and political power imbalances through integration of gender equality perspective." The UN recommends a three-layer approach to domestic violence: prevention of domestic violence, immediate response when violence occurs and longer-term care and support for victims. Mr Aqa was speaking at the opening of the conference on domestic violence yesterday.

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