7th APRIL 2015 - Vol.XXXVIII No.018
Local News

Protest over cartoons

HUNDREDS of people took to the streets yesterday in protest against the reprinting of blasphemous cartoons depicting Prophet Mohammed in the Danish media.

The protest started from Al Qadam roundabout in Budaiya, moved towards Sehla and ended at Al Hashimi Centre in Jidhafs.

It was organised by the Islamic Scholars Council and spearheaded by organising committee head Sayed Mohammed.

"The citizens of Bahrain expressed their anger and disapproval of the westerner's uncivilised behaviour towards the continuous insult of Prophet Mohammed," he said.

"The Bahrain government should have a clear stance on such actions and take our protests seriously.

"We are also expressing our disapproval to the careless Islamic governments, who allow such atrocities and do not defend their prophet."

"We are shocked to see that these Islamic countries are ignoring these continuous oppressions and that is why today we are calling upon all Islamic countries to stand up and defend their religion."

MPs condemned the reprinting of blasphemous cartoons during a parliament session on Tuesday.

However, they were divided on whether to form a temporary committee to discuss their response or simply issue a statement.

In the end they did both, pledging to do all they could to fight those who mock Islam.

The general-secretariat office assigned members to the committee and issued a condemnation on Thursday.

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