7th APRIL 2015 - Vol.XXXVIII No.018
Local News

Teachers to be tutored on special education

TEACHERS will be given the tools to help them promote learning for people with special needs at a conference taking place in Bahrain next week.

The conference on Inclusive and Special Education will be held at the Royal University for Women in East Riffa on May 1 and 2. An optional training day for schools, parents and interested parties will be held on May 3.

It will be addressed by various experts and people who had experienced learning difficulties including three times Formula One Champion Sir Jackie Stewart, who battled with dyslexia throughout his life.

The event is open to pre-school, elementary, middle and secondary teachers and school administrators in public and private schools.

Ministry officials, parents, non-governmental organisations and other interested parties are also encouraged to attend.

The main theme of the event is to raise awareness that teachers and schools can make a difference in the lives of all students, particularly students with special needs by using specific tools and strategies that have been proven to benefit all children in the classroom.

The conference will offer basic knowledge, tools and strategies that will empower teachers to skilfully, confidently and successfully promote learning for all students especially those students with special needs.

It will also provide parents and concerned others with hope and networking to assist them in finding the supports they need to help their child succeed in schools, community and the workplace.

Motorcar racing star Sir Jackie will present a keynote address in which he will tell his story of triumph not only on the racetrack but also in the area of education.

He will talk about how he battled through school but remained undiagnosed until faced with the learning difficulties of his own sons.

As the President of Dyslexia Scotland, Sir Jackie is spreading the word and promoting early intervention for children with learning difficulties.

Other speakers include Dr Nasser Al Mosa, who is visually impaired yet holds a doctorate and is the educational affairs consultant at the Education Ministry of Saudi Arabia.

Kuwait Dyslexia Association chairman Mohammed Al Qatami, who is responsible for standardising and translating the cognitive profiling system (CoPS) - a test to determine learning disabilities in children, will also speak.

His workshop will train educators on how to use this test and how to detect learning disabilities in the classroom.

Those interested in attending should visit or call 36477656 for English or 39342907 for Arabic.

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