7th APRIL 2015 - Vol.XXXVIII No.018
Local News

Stab couple agrees on divorce

A FORMER Bahrain couple are now getting a divorce after the wife stabbed her husband after locking him in his bedroom for 24 hours.

Air stewardess Carol Cole attacked her husband Roger, a flight engineer, when she was drunk, a British court heard.

The incident happened at their marital home in Middlesex last September after the pair had separated.

They had gone to sleep in separate rooms after spending the evening drinking and discussing their relationship, according to The Bolton News.

However, when Mr Cole woke up at around 8am, his wife was already drinking. She locked him in a bedroom - keeping him prisoner for 24 hours providing him with food. She told him she could not live without him.

After she released him, the pair started drinking together again. She went into the kitchen, took out a knife and told her husband that his family thought she was going to stab him.

"She then stabbed him in the chest," said the prosecutor. "He said he thought he was going to die."

The husband managed to escape by kicking down his garden fence to get to a neighbour's house.

A defence lawyer for the mother-of-three Mrs Cole said their marriage fell apart in Bahrain.

However, she said Mr Cole had sent her cards, letters and text messages, which she could not reply to because of the bail conditions.

The court ruled that Mrs Cole was not a threat to the public and sentenced her to 12 months in prison, suspended for two years and placed her on a supervision order for two years. The court ordered her to live in the Bolton area for two years.

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