7th APRIL 2015 - Vol.XXXVIII No.018
Local News

Hi-tech project for architecture

BAHRAIN is set to become the first country in the Gulf to upgrade and standardise the level of information communication technology in all government buildings.

The Enterprise Architecture Project aims to streamline governmental procedures and make access to them quicker.

E-Government Authority chief executive officer Mohammed Al Qaed unveiled the plan during a seminar at the Movenpick Hotel.

The initiative was one of the e-government's most important projects, he told senior government information technology heads.

"Our work in the EGA revolves around establishing the necessary infrastructure in order to achieve a fully integrated and effective e-government platform," said Mr Al Qaed.

"This project will unify the standards and procedures among all government entities in all matters related to ICT under one umbrella and this in turn will lead to full ICT infrastructure integration in government."

Due to the scale and complexity of the project it will be conducted in two stages.

Phase one will consist of gathering data to understand the current information technology architecture, while phase two involves creating comprehensive solutions to security and privacy architecture, data architecture, process architecture and technology architecture.

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