7th APRIL 2015 - Vol.XXXVIII No.018
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Don't forget us say jailed four

A NEW call has gone out to release four Bahrainis being held in jails in Saudi Arabia and the UAE for alleged terrorism links.

Lawyers accused the government of not caring about their cases, claiming officials have yet to visit any of the men.

The Al Adala (Justice) National Movement Society has been following up the cases of the Bahrainis.

They include Khalil Janahi, 35, who was arrested in Saudi Arabia for alleged terror links before being transferred to a prison in Dubai last November.

He was held by Saudi authorities for a year but is still being questioned by the UAE National Security Authority.

Abdulraheem Al Murbati was also arrested on similar charges in June 2003, while freed Guan-tanamo Bay detainee Abdulla Majid Al Nuaimi, was detained at a Saudi checkpoint on the King Fahad Causeway last October.

The other Bahraini being held in custody is Hassan Yabis, who was rounded up at a Saudi checkpoint in August of last year.

However, it is understood that no formal charges have been brought against him.

Al Adala freedom committee head Mohammed Janahi said that Mr Al Nuaimi's family finally visited him in Saudi Arabia on Sunday.

"They called me and told me that he was really distressed and very unhappy about his situation," he said.

"He told his family that the government was not even working on his case and everything is negative."

According to Mr Al Janahi, Mr Al Nuaimi stated the government tells the public they are working on his case when they do not even visit him in jail.

"As for Mr Al Murbati, they have still not put him on trial and the government is not even asking about him," he said. "The government has not looked seriously into their cases and officials have not even visited them."

Mr Al Janahi said the government continued to say they were sending official letters to the countries concerned but said nothing happened as a result.

"As for Mr Janahi, a Swiss lawyer has volunteered to represent him and the National Security Authority says that they will keep him for six months to brainwash him of all his resistance mindset," he said.

"As for Mr Yabis, nothing has changed and his family have still not been able to visit him."

Mr Al Janahi said the society would hold a demonstration on Wednesday outside the UN building in Exhibition House in Hoora at 4pm to highlight the cases of Bahrainis detained in jails abroad.

He also expressed disappointment that His Majesty King Hamad's pardon of 178 prisoners and detainees held on security-related charges by on Sunday did not include the five Bahrainis.

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