7th APRIL 2015 - Vol.XXXVIII No.018

Image tarnished

The whole world by now must know about the proposed ban on alcohol by our so-called visionary MPs who have Bahrain and its interests at heart.

I'm of course not referring to the weekly coverage and updates in the GDN or other publications here, but the fact that it was headlined on BBC's leisure/tourist programme Fast Track which carried a feature about Dubai and how it is coping following the world financial crisis.

The presenter in his despatch said Bahrain's parliament had proposed a ban on the sale of alcohol and would only permit its consumption for guests in hotel rooms or for residents in their private residences.

Now that the cat has been let out of the bag, it would be interesting to see what the knock-on effect will be following this disclosure.

Potential visitors from outside the region, I suspect, will be put off coming to Bahrain and opt for more attractive destinations such as the UAE, Oman or Qatar.

I am sure people from around the world have known about Bahrain through Formula One, but on hearing the proposed ban they will surely have second thoughts about visiting?

Didn't the MPs realise that BBC is probably the most watched and listened to medium in the world and millions would have heard the message.

Well done MPs, you are well on the road to successfully turning this fine little country and its positive image over the years into the laughing stock of the region.


DŽjˆ vu...

This is in reference to 'We'll return for race say fans' (GDN, May 21).

I wonder if the people were told that they might not be able to drink beer etc if they return next year? Your MPs are as bad as ours - no sense of realism or grasp of what life is really like. Iain

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