7th APRIL 2015 - Vol.XXXVIII No.018

Flu checks worry

Swine flu has been declared a pandemic. On entering Bahrain recently, we were asked to complete a Health Ministry form in which we had to declare if we felt ill or have been in contact with someone who had flu like symptoms.

I believe testing for swine flu in suspect cases is not obligatory.

Forms like these and choice testing rely on people having social responsibility and a social conscience.

Unlike the Bahraini student, who did act responsibly and agreed to testing and treatment, not everyone will and it is these few who will cause problems and spread illness around.

I am writing to ask what extra measures authorities in Bahrain are thinking to put into place for September?

During this mon-th, expats and locals will return in vast numbers from summer vacations around the world, increasing the chances of our susceptibility to the flu.

Concerned Resident

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