7th APRIL 2015 - Vol.XXXVIII No.018
Local News

Cream of talent

Sixty-two students of the Sanabil Private School in Janabiya graduated yesterday during an impressive ceremony at the Gulf Hotel.

The event, held under the patronage of Iraqi Ambassador Ghassan Hussain, was attended by school and Education Ministry officials, among others.

Alkomed Engineering Services administration and finance manager Kyriacos Seraphim, who delivered the keynote speech, praised the school as an excellent institution and said the company is pleased to offer training opportunities to its graduates.

"We know that when they come to us, these students will work conscientiously and are well equipped to learn and implement their knowledge in their chosen profession," he said.

He congratulated the students who had achieved honours through hard work.

"I have no doubt that during your time at this educational institution you have been given the entire necessary academic basis to be the springboard of your future development.

"Also I have no doubt that the school has honed your character with all the values and qualities to help you become better people and enter the society with honour and dignity."

He urged the students to never stop trying to improve themselves through continuous education in any form.

"You all have your dreams and aspirations for your future. Fight for them in the good sense of the word, by being honest with yourselves and fair to your fellow citizens. Set your goals and work hard to achieve them. Never let yourself be dragged down and give up with the first obstacles and even failures."

He said the road to success is not laid with roses but with thorns. "You have to manage and find the correct path.

"In your life, a lot of times you will be called upon to take decisions, either for yourself or for other people.

"Before you take any decision, think of all the aspects and have the whole story in front of you.

"Never forget that your decision might affect and mark a person for life. So be calm and objective. Be honest and fair. Be a true person."

School principal Rudaina Al Alawi said they always wanted their students to represent the best anywhere.

"We hope our students will go out and achieve something in life so that we are proud of them. "We have motivated them to reach the stars and not to accept anything less than that. They should work hard to reach their goal." Two of the top students, Ahmed Tael Daher and Mona Alsari, spoke on behalf of the students. [email protected]

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