7th APRIL 2015 - Vol.XXXVIII No.018
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Kirby showcases latest building system range

MANAMA: More than 50 leading Bahraini and Saudi Arabian architects and developers yesterday attended a seminar hosted by Kirby Building Systems to learn about the latest developments in pre-engineered steel buildings (PEB).

Kirby's PEB systems, one of the most successful in the world, have been used for the development at Riffa Mall and the company is hopeful that it will pick up business, particularly for its curved steel structures and total storage solutions, for the new Bahrain Logistics Zone.

"The purpose of this seminar is to update the industry about the latest products and new developments in the structured steel industry in which we are the leading force in the Middle East and India and one of the largest operators in the world," said Kirby vice-president Praveen Tandon.

Kirby is a Kuwait-based company with operations across the region and a Bahrain office which is offering curved steel constructions to an industry that has traditionally had to opt for box type development.

"We developed these curved steel products that allow developers to produce far more architecturally acceptable structures to the various square shaped buildings currently on offer.

"We have already introduced this concept to a number of developments ranging from industrial units and aircraft hangers to schools, supermarkets and other structures."

He said that their pre-engineered steel building products allowed developers to buy ready made and designed structures of up to five storeys with the various phases of the development being able to be delivered on phases to the site as construction took place.

"The beauty of PEB is that it offers a lot more open space, because it does not need separate support pillars, which allows developers to optimise design and space for far less cost than traditional building."

The company has also moved into the field of structural steel and total storage solutions.

"We are finding a lot of success for our structural steel products which can be used in construction of everything from high rise towers to major industrial facilities for the oil and gas industry and in desalination plants," Kirby parent company, Alghanim Industries president, industrial group and supply chain management Tim Connerton told delegates at the event at the Gulf Hotel.

"There is no doubt that there has been a slowdown in high rise tower development since the credit crunch, though this region has suffered a lot less than elsewhere, with the exception of Dubai.

"Demand is still there, it's just a case that people are not rushing into high rise projects like they were 18 months ago. But developments are still going ahead in this region.

"The oil and gas industries and infrastructure developments like power stations and desalination plants are still going ahead and creating demand for structural steel."

Mr Tandon added that they were generating a lot of interest from developers for their total storage solutions products which offered warehouse structures which included both the prefabricated building and also all the internal storage systems necessary on the building to be up and running on the day of completion. [email protected]

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