7th APRIL 2015 - Vol.XXXVIII No.018
Local News

Pair's sick leave bluff backfires

TWO Bahraini men, allegedly under the influence of drugs, assaulted a security guard and fled after a bogus bid for sick leave backfired at Salmaniya Medical Complex yesterday.

The men, both in their 20s, arrived at the Accident and Emergency Department at noon, claiming they had each suffered back injuries in a car accident, said sources.

"They said they were suffering from whiplash but when they were examined and X-rayed, we found nothing wrong," said a doctor.

"Traffic Directorate officers were also called in and the men failed to convince them of where and how the accident had taken place.

"A car number the men gave turned out to belong to someone else and the vehicle had never been in any accident."

When the two found their bluff had backfired, they admitted they were seeking a day's sick leave from work.


"As they were being questioned, they suddenly started shouting and tried to flee," said the doctor.

"They pushed aside a security guard who tried to block them and ran out towards the car park."

They escaped before they could be apprehended.

They appeared to have been under the influence of drugs, said the doctor.

A SMC official later said the two appeared to be 'regulars' at the department and have been in several ugly situations before.

"We are trying to verify whether they are the same two people," said the official Doctors and other staff at the hospital, angered by repeated attacks by patients or their relatives, have long been demanding a police station at the premises. They insist the police station would enable hospital staff, generally busy and unable to leave the premises, to file complaints without having to spend hours going to another police station.

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