7th APRIL 2015 - Vol.XXXVIII No.018
Local News

Security-leak hacker jailed

A GOVERNMENT emp-loyee, accused of leaking classified information about Bahraini intelligence agents, did it out of revenge, it emerged yesterday.

The Bahraini man was yesterday sentenced by the High Criminal Court to three years in prison for leaking confidential information from the National Security Agency (NSA).

The computer analyst, who was a former Pension Fund employee, allegedly hacked into the NSA system and retrieved the names of the agents and any cuts made to their salaries.

He then posted the information on the Bahrain Forum website, during 2006.

He claimed, during interrogations, that he leaked the information in revenge for the arrest of Haq Movement for Liberties and Democ-racy chief Hassan Mushai-ma and religious scholar Mohammed Al Moqdad by NSA agents, according to court documents.

The defendant admitted to the charges during integrations at the Public Prosecu-tion, but denied them in court.

He claimed that his confessions were forced out of him.

However, judges convicted him yesterday saying prosecutors provided solid evidence of the crime and the defendant's confessions were not tampered with, according to court documents.

The two political figures, in addition to Haq Move-ment for Liberties and Dem-ocracy media and international relations director Dr Abduljalil Al Singace, were among 35 men accused of plotting to carry out terrorist attacks during Bahrain's National Day celebrations.

The men, who were standing trial at the High Criminal Court, were released on April 12 following a Royal Pardon.

The December 17 plot allegedly included ambushing policemen, destroying public property and attacking shopping malls, markets and hotels with homemade explosives.

The three political figures were accused of promoting and instigating people to change the political system by violent means, inciting people to spread hatred against the ruling system and financing and supporting a terrorist group.

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