7th APRIL 2015 - Vol.XXXVIII No.018
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Showcasing the colours of unity

PAINTINGS depicting Jesus and his mother Mary will go on sale during a Christmas exhibition highlighting the similarities between Christians and Muslims.

A total of 37 artwork will go on display at the headquarters of an Islamic arts group tonight.

They were created during the seventh Al Hussaini Society for Islamic Arts Christmas drawing festival at the Jawad Dome, Janusan, last week.

The two-day festival, which ended last Friday, was organised to highlight the similarities between Christianity and Islam - particularly since Muslims recognise Jesus as a prophet.

Hundreds of people took part in the event, held under the theme 'Jesus and Mohammed...A Path to Peace and Tolerance'.

Paintings from that event will now go on display at the society's headquarters in Manama tonight.

The exhibition coincides with the start of a live drawing festival being organised by the same group themed around the Islamic religious festival Ashoora.

"Those 37 drawings are really done professionally and it is unfair to keep them in our stores," said society president Abdulnabi Al Hamer.

"We have many professional artwork in our stores which we can't exhibit due to lack of space, but those 37 are unique and that is why I took the decision to have them exhibited in our studio.

"We have singled out around 50 drawings from the festival, either because they were drawn by children or amateurs.

"There are a few which I found to be excellent, but those who drew them never managed to complete them and we urge the artists to visit us during Ashoora to complete them either at the studio or take them home."

Proceeds from the sale of paintings will be split between the artists, the society and charity.

"Half of the money will go to the person who did it, a quarter to buy new equipment for the society and a quarter to charity," said Mr Al Hamer.

"The paintings have varying prices and it is always up to the taste of the person seeing them to decide how much they are worth.

"In the end, people's response to what those artists did is what encourages them to continue."

The paintings will go on show tonight from 8pm and the exhibition will continue daily until December 27 after evening prayers, which finish at around 6pm.

For details, call Mr Al Hamer on 39670917.

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