7th APRIL 2015 - Vol.XXXVIII No.018
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Robots 'can play key role'

A LEADING engineering expert has declared that robots and humans could soon co-exist for the benefit of the human race.

National University of Singapore head of robotics Dr Prahlad Vadakkepat was speaking ahead of the Kerala Engineers Forum (KEEN4) robotic show, which kicked off at the Bahrain Society of Engineers (BSE) in Juffair last night.

"I predict that robotics and humanoid robots in particular will see significant development in the coming years," he said.

"While I don't see that robots will ever be able to rule humans, I think there can be co-existence and that will benefit the human race."

Dr Vadakkepat was joined on stage by research scholars Hong Choon Yang and Yong See Wei and two humanoids from the National University of Singapore.

More than 100 guests were treated to a series of demonstrations showing the extent of the humanoids' capabilities.

"They are very human-like in most ways," Dr Vadakkepat explained.

"They have two legs and two arms like us and these allow them to make the majority of movements like we do.

"They walk, stand, sit down, lie down and they even play football and can ice-skate much like humans do.

"They are fitted with censors that are crucial to many of their movements. If a ball is kicked to them for example, they can sense what direction the ball is coming from and will move accordingly.


"Obviously, we are able to switch them on and off and there is a certain element of control over what way they move because so much of it is responsive but they are still very much autonomous."

Organised by KEEN4 in association with BSE and the Institution of Engineering Technology (IET), the robotics show concludes at the BSE Hall tonight.

It will run from 6pm to 7.30pm and all are welcome.

Tonight's show will be followed by a career guidance course by Indian writer, educationist and career counsellor Professor B S Warrier at 7.30pm.

The course will continue tomorrow at 9.30am and aims to give an insight to senior school students on the courses available in the field of engineering.

For more information on the course call 39448298. [email protected]

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