7th APRIL 2015 - Vol.XXXVIII No.018
Business News

India summit spotlight on Islamic finance

MANAMA: Khaleeji Commercial Bank head of treasury and capital markets Hussam Saif was a key speaker at the Leaders Summit Conference held in India.

Mr Saif submitted a working paper entitled 'The Increasing Importance of Islamic Finance', in which he dealt with the role of Islamic finance in developing key projects in the Far East, and how to employ them for the benefit of different sectors, particularly amid the global economic crisis.

Mr Saif's working paper also discussed the factors that caused Islamic finance institutions to be less affected by the consequences and effects of the financial crisis.

This is due to the compliance of the activities of these financial institutions with the principles of Sharia, based on transparency in dealing with different parties and fairness in the appropriation of returns among all investors.

Leaders Summit Conference is considered one of the most high profile economic events with 60 speakers include prominent executives and decision-makers from different countries of the world taking part.

The conference was also attended by more than 200 leaders of various financial institutions. Participation in this event was only made upon personal invitations extended to leading personalities from around the world.

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