7th APRIL 2015 - Vol.XXXVIII No.018
Local News

Tribute to women

CHILDREN, mothers, daughters and sisters celebrated International Women's Day at Rainbows for Kids Nursery, Muharraq, yesterday.

Women of more than 10 nationalities also marked Codepink's Build Bridges Not Enemies campaign, joining hands in a symbolic bridge of hope, love and understanding.

Codepink is a US women-initiated grassroots peace and social justice movement working to end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, prevent new wars and redirect resources into healthcare, education and green jobs. Local artist Mousa Al Demistani drew a portrait of the group creating the bridge.

Pupils also decorated cup cakes which were taken to women in the neighbourhood to spread the message of peace, love and understanding.

A photography exhibition and children's workshops will be held at Seef Mall to pay tribute to the achievements of heroic women.

Free children's learning workshops will also be held during the month to help mothers learn more about parenting.

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