7th APRIL 2015 - Vol.XXXVIII No.018

Tubli phone towers menace is growing

Waves from mobile phone towers evidently have the effect of constantly switching the body's natural electrical field.

Building biologists are judging the only truly safe area in homes to be the basement. Well, homes in Bahrain have no basement.

I wonder if Bahrain has building biologists who visit homes and test them for waves! I also wonder what the findings would be!

These towers expose the public to involuntary, chronic, cumulative radio frequency radiation. Reported health problems include headache, sleep disorders, memory impairment, nosebleed, increased heart rate, lower sperm count, impaired nervous system and increase in seizures. The list is endless.

I am almost certain that within three to five years there probably will be clusters of serious illnesses in Bahrain, be it Tubli or somewhere else.

This is one example of a headlong rush into technology before finding out whether it is safe.

Authorities across the world had maintained that asbestos, cigarettes, thalidomide and the blood supply were "safe", but which were later found to be harmful.

In the US, with a $40 billion-a-year industry at stake, you can bet that their studies are going to show whatever they want them to show.

I would like to ask the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, Health Ministry and other concerned authorities: what is the current standard for such radiation in Bahrain? We, the people, are entitled to know. It does not matter from which source the information comes from.

Another question is: what the department of licensing and inspections takes into account while granting these permits? Also, have environmental impact studies been carried out in Bahrain?

With regard to Elaine who wrote about her concerns regarding masts in her area (Mahooz), I understand her worries and discontent as she lives near such a tower. I hope that she has reported the symptoms she is experiencing to a hospital.

We should not be forced to act like guinea pigs for the next 20 years. In short, we are the experiment for health effects.

If it ever happens, and I hope it will not, - the mobile phone tower in front of my nose on Road 1122 is activated - then my days hanging out in the garden in the evenings with a cup of tea will be over for good for the simple reason that I don't want to be cooked in the same manner that a microwave oven works. Of course, the owner of that building lives elsewhere.

By the way, there are more such towers in Tubli than I initially reported. I have seen another somewhere behind the Tubli treatment plant, and on my trip to Old Tubli, I saw more than the four I reported.

A concerned New Tubli resident

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