7th APRIL 2015 - Vol.XXXVIII No.018
Local News

Hundreds support Egyptian struggle

MANAMA: Hundreds of Bahrainis took to the streets yesterday in support of the Egyptian people.

They took part in a sit-in organised by Bahraini political associations and trade unions, rallying behind the demands of Egyptian citizens.

They expressed their full support for the civilised non-violent demonstrations organised by the brotherly Egyptians, wishing that Egypt will regain its security and stability so as to carry on the nation-building march and keep up its vital role in defending Arab causes.

Men, women and children showed up in large numbers at a peaceful demonstration, which was only authorised on Thursday night by the Interior Ministry.

Authorities twice declined requests by eight political associations to stage a protest outside the Egyptian Embassy, Mahooz. This was on the grounds that protests near embassies were against Bahrain's laws.

But they were given the green light at the last minute to organise the protest at Kuwait Avenue, Mahooz, a few kilometres from the embassy.

The groups included Al Wefaq National Islamic Society, Brotherhood Society, National Democratic Action Society (Wa'ad), Islamic Action Society (Amal), Democratic Progressive Tribune, Democratic Gathering Society, National Gathering Society and Islamic Arabic Wasat Society.

Rights activists, unionist and members of youth societies participated.

Egyptian Tariq Abbas Ghayati, 41, read out his satirical poem reflecting the current situation in his country, which was well received by protesters.

"My poem is called 'I support you' and it took me only two hours to write it down. All Egyptians want the system to change and this is the time to stand up and fight," Mr Ghayati told the GDN.

A group of 137 Bahraini people including writers, artists and intellectuals led by former education minister Dr Ali Fakhro, former Culture Ministry under-secretary Isa Amin and author Qassim Haddad issued a statement voicing solidarity with Egyptian people in their struggle for freedom and dignity.

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