7th APRIL 2015 - Vol.XXXVIII No.018
Local News


MANAMA: Gulf states could be set to fund a major economic recovery project in Bahrain and Oman.

The six-member GCC is reportedly in discussions about launching a programme similar to the post-Second World War Marshall Plan.

A decision could be made at a Gulf summit, with the aim of tackling unrest in both the countries, says a report in Kuwait's Al Qabas newspaper.

Quoting senior GCC sources, it said among the terms of the project would be economic and social reforms to improve living conditions, provide housing for the needy, create job opportunities for unemployed youths and upgrade service standards.

"The Gulf Marshall project will cover a long list of needs," said the report.

"They include utilising the labour markets in other GCC states to employ Bahrainis and Omanis, where they will be given top priority as well as benefits."

The report suggested the project would be implemented soon.

Named after its architect US secretary of state George Marshall, the original Marshall Plan was launched by the US in 1947 to rebuild Western Europe after the Second World War.

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