7th APRIL 2015 - Vol.XXXVIII No.018
Local News

Protesters march to embassy

HUNDREDS of protesters marched to the Saudi Arabian Embassy in the Diplomatic Area denouncing the involvement of GCC troops that are helping to maintain peace.

They marched from the Pearl Roundabout calling for peace and urging Gulf states to withdraw their troops.

The march took place moments after His Majesty King Hamad declared a three-month state of emergency.

Several protesters then returned back to the roundabout.

Anti-government protesters placed a refrigerator container to treat casualties in case there were clashes.

A six-wheel truck was also parked nearby to transport the injured to hospital.

There were also around 200 teachers present at the roundabout joining the protests at an allocated tent.

The tent of political society National Democratic Action Society (Wa'ad) had several of its members discussing the current situation.

The media centre was filled with foreign journalists eager to know details of protests and events in the coming days by the February 14 Youth Movement.

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