7th APRIL 2015 - Vol.XXXVIII No.018
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Artists join unity drive

A HOST of artists, photographers, musicians and writers have joined forces to answer a national call for solidarity as part of a Unite Bahrain campaign.

It is part of efforts to socially unify the Bahraini population, which originated with a trend called #UniteBH on the online social network site Twitter.

It was launched after protesters started gathering at GCC Roundabout, formerly Pearl Roundabout, in February.

Since then, there has been a string of new initiatives such as T-shirt printing and sales, fashion shoots and shows, sale of badges and lanyards, all in the name of uniting Bahrainis across the country in light of the political turmoil.

The exhibition, which is the largest of the UniteBH initiatives, will showcase live art shows, photography, music and literature.

It will be held from April 20 to 22 at the Cultural Hall, next to Bahrain National Museum, under the patronage of the Social Development Ministry.

The event is the brainchild of five young Bahrainis, Rashid Riaz, Sara Sabet, Perryhan Al Ashmawi, musician Alharith Al Atawi, and Abbas Khalil.

The organising team says it has received many interested calls from members of the public since the exhibition was announced in the GDN on Sunday.

"We have had so many calls from people, in particular from students from New York Institute of Technology," said Ms Al Ashmawi, who is the talent manager and in charge of finding photographers and artists for the show.

"The students requested to be part of the public relations team and another artist wanted to participate in the live art show,"

The event is also connected to the campaign entitled Proudly Bahraini, which seeks to promote Bahrain-based companies, small medium enterprises and family businesses.

The #UniteBH exhibition is open and free to all to participate.

"Anyone can join, even an interested artist can turn up, pick up a paintbrush and start painting," said Ms Al Ashmawi.

The event will start with an art exhibition, live music and merchandise giveaways on April 20 from 6.30pm to 8.30pm.

The three-day art exhibition will feature photography and video screenings by Bahrain-based artists.

They include Hasan Al Khunaizi, Stephanie Ravel, Jaan Al Balush, Reem Tawfiqi, Latifa Al Shakar, Mariam Umran and Francine Burlet.

On April 21, a music recital and poetry reading will be held between 6pm and 9pm.

Musicians such as Tony Atalla, Ali Malik, Adnan Sayani, Atom, The W, Hajar Al Khalifa, Alharith Al Atawi will host a jam session.


Poetry will be read by Ali Alkaed, Mohammed Al Mashad, Dave Hollywood and Ahmed Al Zayani.

The event will also include five-minute presentations by painter Seana Mercedes Mallen, event planner Rashid Riaz, Best of Bahrain publication employee Rawia Beyhum and musician Alharith Al Atawi.

This is in addition to, artist Fatima Juma, photographers Stephanie Raval and Jaan Al Balushy, graphic designer Hamad Al Ghareeb, film producer and director Ahmed Al Zayani and film director Zeeshan Shah.

The final day, April 22, will feature a live art show at an outside art space in the Cultural Hall's carpark. Artists Seana Mercedes Mallen, Rama Al Hussaini, Alaa Al Derazi, and Jaan Al Balushi will host the event and members of the public are invited to join.

Timings for the final day have yet to be confirmed.

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