7th APRIL 2015 - Vol.XXXVIII No.018
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A FORMER MP and Palestine campaigner has slammed the Iranian authorities for trying to compare the situation in Bahrain with that of war-torn Gaza.

Nasser Al Fadhala said an announcement that activists were planning to sail an aid flotilla here was a clear sign of interference in the country's internal affairs.

"They are using the same idea of sending an aid flotilla that was used last year in Gaza," he said.

"The Iranian government should understand that Israel occupation has been for years, while Bahrain is a free and independent country."

Mr Fadhala, who heads the Palestine Support Society, said there was no need for any aid flotilla at what was a critical time for Bahrain.

"We want no aid from them. Bahraini people are boycotting all Iranian goods according to the decision by Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry," he said.

The Fars news agency reported on Tuesday that the flotilla would set sail to Bahrain on May 16 from the southern port city of Bushehr.

Islamic Revolution Supporters Society secretary-general of the Mehdi Egharian said it was being sent in a show of solidarity with anti-government protesters.

"They have their own problems which they can't handle," said Mr Fadhala, who also heads the media unit of the National Unity Gathering.

"It is a massacre in Iran where they are hanging people on the streets.

"By sending this aid flotilla to Bahrain they are highlighting their propaganda to support those people, who failed to overthrow our regime."

Mr Fadhala said the Iranian people were angry with their government for suppressing their rights.

"I don't think they want to say or do something for any other country before dealing with their own issues first," he said.

The Israeli navy killed nine activists onboard an aid flotilla carrying humanitarian aid to break the siege in Gaza Strip last year.

Scholar Shaikh Salah Al Jowder said anyone who tried to enter Bahrain's territorial waters would be stopped.

"We want peace they (Iran) want war," he said.

"Iran should stop interfering in our country's issues.

"Bahrain is a sovereign state and has always believed in peaceful co-existence."

Shaikh Al Jowder is also the Imam of Muharraq's Al Khayer Grand Mosque and made it clear that peace in the region was imperative for all states to prosper.

"If this aid flotilla from Iran sails to Bahrain, I can tell there will be war in the Gulf," he warned.

"I think they are trying to use the Gaza flotilla initiative in Bahrain. This is not a good move by Iranian authorities."

The clergyman said Bahrain was not a country that supported violence, but would definitely stop any interference by all means necessary.

"My message or suggestion for the Iranian government is not to send this aid flotilla for the best interest of the region," he added.

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