7th APRIL 2015 - Vol.XXXVIII No.018
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'Deaths squads' on Iran flotilla

A FORMER Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) spy has warned that an Iranian aid flotilla due to travel to Bahrain today could be a martyrdom mission.

Islamic Revolution Supporters Society secretary-general Mehdi Egharian earlier said it was being sent in a show of solidarity with anti-government protesters.

But writing on the website of Internet-based media company Pajamas Media, the ex-spy said supporters of Iran's Supreme leader Ayatollah Khamenei had been assembled to launch a new confrontation with Bahrain.

"Reports from inside Iran state that the flotilla will be carrying the martyrdom forces destined to be the start of a new confrontation with Bahrain," claimed the Iranian, who works under the pseudonym Reza Khalili.

"The radical Islamic organisation Ansar Hezbollah, consisting of Islamist thugs and ardent supporters of Ayatollah Khamenei who have been at the forefront in the brutal suppression of Iranian demonstrators, has now assembled volunteers, mostly from Basij forces, for a martyrdom mission to Bahrain.

"They are also preparing suicide bombers in co-ordination with the Guards' Quds Force for attacks on Bahraini and Saudi interests."

Mr Khalili also alleged during a recent interview former Revolutionary Guards officer and founder of Ansar Hezbollah Hossein Allah Karam provided details of a strategy designed to assist the revolutionaries in Bahrain, Gaza, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Yemen amongst others.

According to the article, key parts of that strategy include the registration of volunteers willing to carry out suicide missions in conflict areas and launching flotillas to Bahrain to assist Shi'ites with their uprising.

"Ever since the unrest in Bahrain, especially as Saudi forces advanced into that country, the Iranian leaders have been stirring up talk about revenge," Mr Khalili wrote.

"Some military commanders and hig h officials have gone so far as to propose a military intervention to help the Shi'ite majority with their rebellion against the Sunni-ruled kingdom.

"The radicals ruling Iran have also threatened Saudi Arabia with serious consequences for its suppression of the protesters in Bahrain.

"Iran's leaders, who see the recent insurrections in the Middle East as an opportunity to further incite the people in the region to overthrow their US-backed governments, view Bahrain as a prime target and a strategic one. It is, of course, home to the US Fifth Fleet.

"Agents of the Islamic radicals ruling Iran have long infiltrated the Shi'ite population of Bahrain in the hope that one day they would succeed in creating the atmosphere for a revolution.

"Their plan has been to force a takeover by Bahrain's majority Shi'ites and expand Iran's influence from the Gulf's chokepoint outward.

"Saudi influence, not to mention US supremacy, would be crushed."


Former MP and Palestine campaigner Nasser Al Fadhala said he had received no further information about the possibility of the flotilla arriving in Bahrain today.

But he repeated his strong condemnation of the plan.

In previous articles, Mr Khalili claimed to have infiltrated Iran's Revolutionary Guard and accused the country of orchestrating, among other attacks, the 1988 explosion of Pan Am flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland.

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