7th APRIL 2015 - Vol.XXXVIII No.018

Wefaq silence spoke volumes during crisis

Members of the Al Wefaq political society are not people of dialogue, but demonstrations.

Al Wefaq is only concerned with its entrenched ideological agendas, ignoring the desires and aspirations of the majority of Bahrainis and those propertied expatriates who have the right to vote in municipal elections.

The Al Wefaq opposition party was silent while people murdered and tortured migrant workers; caused heinous injuries to police and security officers; destroyed private and public property; intimidated peace-loving citizens and expatriates at their "illegal check-points" where they demanded citizens show identification cards; and refused to sell petrol to anyone who was not of their ilk.

Al Wefaq remained silent while these dreadful atrocities were being committed and their silence spoke volumes.

If they were the least bit concerned about "human rights", their leader Ali Salman would have got on his soapbox and demanded all terrorists and saboteurs to be arrested and for the law to take its course.

But they did the opposite and while the government asked for dialogue, they refused and said certain conditions must be met first!

Naturally, they could not be taken seriously.

It is very evident to the peace-loving citizens of Bahrain that they had no interest in dialogue of any kind and each and every time their demands were agreed to and met by the government, they once again moved the goalposts and demanded more - refusing to participate in any form of dialogue.

We have seen that they are extremely unhappy about people from other nationalities becoming "naturalised citizens" of Bahrain.

Yet, I do not hear them complaining about the Bahraini dissidents who reside in the UK and have their headquarters on Edgeware Road, in London, holding and enjoying dual British-Bahraini citizenship.

Why is it acceptable for Bahrainis to receive dual nationality just by being a Bahraini dissident - without any commitment or loyalty to Queen Elizabeth or Britain and without contributing anything to British society, but taking plenty from it - but not for people who have devoted many, many years of their lives to the development and security of Bahrain?

I have also not heard them protest about the thousands upon thousands of Iranians awarded Bahrain nationality!

Bahrain was most fortunate not to be affected by the global financial crisis caused by the corrupt banking system in the US and the sub-prime loans scam, as well as criminal activities of the likes of Bernie Madoff (many more of his kind have so far got away with their crimes) and the subsequent global recession.

Yet, in the blink of an eye, Al Wefaq helped destroy Bahrain's great reputation, development and economy that took our government, businessmen and businesswomen years of hard work and dedication to build for our nation.

Lest they forget, without a sound business community, there is next to no employment.

Bahrain's businesses and development have been destroyed by Al Wefaq's selfish ends.


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