7th APRIL 2015 - Vol.XXXVIII No.018
Local News

181 agendas are submitted for talks

A TOTAL of 181 agendas have been submitted so far by participants, it emerged yesterday.

Dialogue spokesman Isa Abdul Rahman said the agendas were from more than 300 groups and individuals invited to the Dialogue.

"There are four halls categorised based on the main aspects of the Dialogue, which are political, social, economic and human rights. The schedule list is prepared so that each hall will be earmarked for discussion on one aspect by participants and delegates.

Mr Abdul Rahman said the session managers would moderate the discussion to ensure a smooth flow.

Dialogue chairman Khalifa Al Dhahrani will be attending sessions depending on the priority of topic of discussion and will be assisted by 16 moderators.

Mr Abdul Rahman said that the moderators had been selected based on carefully studied criteria, which included verifying their competence and experience.

All moderators have undergone a training course on the art of dialogue, he added.

International trainers with extensive experience in the methodology of consensus will also be working with the moderators and attend sessions.

They include Khalid Ajaji, Khalid Maskati, Khalil Thawadi, Dr Khalid Abdullah, Haitham Al Qahtani, Mona Al Balushi, Majid Kassab, Dr Jewels Alamadga, Dr Riad Hamza, Jamila Salman, Dr Ahmed Farhan, Dr Zakaria Hejres, Dr Lubna Salibej, Dr Abdullah Al Talib, Obaydli Obaidli and Qays Zubi.

The objective is to reach decisions through consensus rather than by taking a formal vote, Mr Abdul Rahman said. Through the process, Bahrain will identify issues and basic needs and try to find adequate solutions to them, he said.

Mr Dhahrani said on Wednesday that the moderators would play an administrative role in co-ordinating the sessions. The outcome of the sessions will be forwarded to His Majesty King Hamad once they are agreed by all participating parties.

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