7th APRIL 2015 - Vol.XXXVIII No.018
Business News

GOP planning terminal at Mina Salman Port

MANAMA: The General Organisation of Sea Ports (GOP) has announced strategic plans for developing a Buildings Material Terminal (BMT) at the Mina Salman Port (MSP), Bahrain's former main container and general cargo terminal.

With the opening of Khalifa Bin Salman Port (KBSP) in 2009 and the transfer of commercial operations there, due to the high demand in the kingdom for imported building materials, the GOP has decided to re-develop MSP as a bulk building materials terminal.

The GOP intends to establish the new BMT on a lease basis that includes refurbishment, maintenance and operations.

Within the next two months, GOP is expected to announce the release of a general tender for the financing, design and construction of the BMT at Mina Salman Port.

GOP considers the construction of this dedicated terminal at MSP a strategic project of the utmost importance and is in line with the directives of the government.

As a valuable commercial asset, the project site, which is strategically located adjacent to the Shaikh Isa Bin Salman Highway and close to the centre of Manama, will be utilised to manage the import and distribution of construction materials from the global market.

"The GOP has embarked on a plan to re-develop Mina Salman Port as a bulk BMT to primarily address the increasing demand for building materials in the kingdom," said GOP director general Hassan Ali Al Majed.

"As the region continues to enjoy the benefits of its continuing economic development, we are confident that our investment in this vital sector will generate attractive returns for Bahrain and the entire GCC.

"With the tender for the project soon to be released, we intend to partner with leading firms to build and operate the new BMT facility providing modern, efficient and competitive services in line with the best international standards."

With mega construction projects on the rise in the kingdom, the cost of building materials has increased due to the shortage of local supply and production capacity.

Currently Bahrain imports its building materials from neighbouring countries in small vessels or barges.

With the development of the bulk building materials terminal, which enjoys a deeper draught at 10 metres, a larger market for construction materials is expected to be established.

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