7th APRIL 2015 - Vol.XXXVIII No.018
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Campaign fever grips Bahrain

CANDIDATES for the 18 vacant seats in parliament started their election campaigns yesterday.

A total of 187,080 voters will cast their ballots on September 24 for the 75 registered candidates.

Campaigns include posters and billboards along roads and election tents and candidates cannot campaign outside their constituency borders.

Restrictions on the size of billboards are placed on those near main roads, and they must be put up two to three metres from the edge of the road for safety reasons, said a spokesman from the elections executive committee.


Official governmental or elections committee logos are not allowed to be included in the campaigns.

Candidates can start campaigning at any point, up until 24 hours before election day.

The by-elections will be held on September 24 from 8am to 8pm, with a second round scheduled for October 1 for any constituency with no clear winner.

Voting will also be held at Bahraini embassies, consulates and diplomatic missions abroad on September 20 and in case of a re-vote on September 27.

Polling centres will be open at Al Ahd Zaher Secondary Girls School, Hamad Town; Al Wafaa Secondary Girls School, Isa Town; the Religious Institute, Manama; and Al Dair Primary and Intermediate Girls School, Muharraq.

The empty seats in parliament were vacated by MPs within opposition group Al Wefaq.

Eleven Al Wefaq members had their resignations accepted in March, after they were accused of stoking tensions during anti-government protests.

People casting their votes can also visit polling centres at the Bahrain International Airport, King Fahad Causeway, Bahrain International Circuit, Sakhir, Bahrain City Centre and the Education Ministry's main hall in Isa Town.

Voters should carry their passport along with a valid CPR or smart cards to cast their ballots.

Staff will mark voters' passports with an election logo, details of which will be revealed later, to prevent double voting.

The following is the final list of candidates in each constituency:


Constituency two (Ras Ruman, half of Manama Souq): Faisal Hasan Bin Rajab, Ahmed Abdul Wahed Qaratah, Mustafa Ismael Al Awadhi, Fouziya Mahroos Al Mahroos and Khalil Ebrahim Swar.

Constituency three (Salmaniya, Naim, Ghufool, Burhama, Central Market): Ali Abdullatif Rashdan, Ebtisam Abdulrahman Hijris, Mohammed Abdul Mahdi Al Hawaj and Alsayed Hashi Abdul Gafar Al Alawi.

Constituency four (Sanabis, Seef, Karbabad): Khalid Hamad Al Zayani, Saeed Abbas Ahmed, Abbas Abdullah Seraj, Ali bin Ali Al Zaimour and Ali Abbas Shamtoot.

Constituency five (Juffair, Nabih Saleh, Ghuraifa): Hasan Eid Bu Khamas and Abdulrahim Abdulla Al Kooheji.

Constituency seven (Salmaniya, Mahooz, Zinj, Segaiya): Rashad Ezzidin Omar, Ebrahim Abdulrahim Sharif, Kadhim Issa Al Saeed, Abdul Hakim Ebrahim Al Shemmeri and Fadhul Abdulla Abul.

Constituency eight (Tashan, Bilad Al Qadeem): Jamal Mohammed Abdulla, Noora Mohammed Khnoji, Kawkab Mohammed Al Tajer, Kadhim Ahmed Al Owainati, Hameed Abdul Majeed Al Bulooshi and Abdul Elah Hussain Burdestani.


Constituency six (Samaheej, Dair): Mohammed Ali Al Faraj, Abbas Issa Al Madhi and Mohsen Ahmed Sarhan.


Constituency one (Jidhafs, Sehla, Daih, Adhari, Abu Gawah, Ayn Al Dar, Al Mosala, Jabalat Habshi): Faisal Jaffar Mesbah, Ali Ahmed Al Haddad, Ali Hassan Ali, Khalil Ebrahim Yousif and Abdul Hameed Abdul Rahman Mohammed.

Constituency two (Jannusan, Karranah, Al Qadam): Sawsan Haji Taqwi, Ahmed Salem Al Sherooqi, Nabeel Ali Al Lababeedi, Yousif Mohammed Al Janahi and Abdul Salam Ahmed Al Manae.

Constituency three (Duraz, Bani Jamra, Barbar): Ali Ahmed Al Derazi and Mohammed Kadhim Al Derazi.

Constituency five (Buri, Quraya, Saar, Hamala, Janabiya): Abdul Jalil Ebrahim Al A'ali and Salman Hamad Al Shaikh.

Constituency seven (second part of Hamad Town): Khalid Ebrahim Qambar, Abdul Hameed Ahmed Abdul Gaffar, Sami Mohammed Jar Mohammed, Khalid Jasim Al Malood, Abdulla Adheeb Abdulla, Abdul Hameed Abdul Hussain Mohammed and Hanan Abdulla Al Kawari.

Constituency eight (third part of Hamad Town): Hamad Saleh Al Nuaimi, Mohammed Salem Buqais, Seema Ahmed Al Langawi, Abdu Wahid Fardan Fardan, Naser Salman Hussain and Mohammed Khalifa Bu Hamood.

Constituency nine (Malkiya, Karzakan, Demistan, Saddad, Dar Kulaib, Shahrakan): Ali Fardan Fardan, Khalid Abdul Ali Abdulaal and Jasim Mohammed Kadhim.


Constituency one (Sanad, Tubli, Jedali): Sumayah Abdul Rahman Al Jowder, Hussain Salman Al Owainati, Osamah Abdul Hameed Al Khaja and Mohammed Sanad Al Shamlan.

Constituency two (A'ali, Salmabad): Sameeh Ebrahim Rajab, Mohyiddin Abdulla Bahlool, Ahmed Abdul Rahman Al Saati, Jamal Mohammed Bu Shaqer and Abdul Jalil Salman Khamis.

Constituency five (Nuwaidrat, part of Sanad): Ebrahim Ali Al Asfoor, Khamis Ali Abdulla, Bader Ahmed Mubarak and Osamah Jaber Muhana.

Constituency six (Sitra): Jawad Abdullah Hussain and Mohammed Abdulla Al Abbas. [email protected]

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