7th APRIL 2015 - Vol.XXXVIII No.018

A turning point?

This is hopefully a historic week for the Palestinians. The Americans need to wake up from their long overdue coma, as their motives are crystal clear.

If the US uses its veto, Saudi Arabia will not stand by idly, it has already warned the US. It is high time the Obama administration considered giving the Palestinians a fair deal instead of always leaving them out in the cold.

It is their just demand for recognition and I hope the Arab leaders don't forget it.

Obama wants to navigate people's minds by voting against the Palestinians. It is true that he is a black man and Muslim, but his vested interest lies only with the Jewish community for their much-needed votes.

The poor Palestinians don't have a chance in hell, unless all the Arab leaders join hands and vote for them, who have been suffering for decades.

I don't claim to know anything about politics or how the UN operates, but this issue has been in focus for years. The Arab leaders need to show stronger commitment to the Palestinian cause, so that we can end this chapter for good, otherwise the political difference will turn into violence in Palestine and that is not needed. The stand Saudi Arabia has taken is remarkable and I hope the rest will follow suit.

We as Muslims all over the world need to be united in every way. Can you imagine the power and strength we would have? This is what the US and the West don't want to see happen and we are aware of it - the cat is already out of the bag. This has been my dream for the longest time and, Insha'alla, I will be able to witness this wonderful phenomenon in my life time.

So Muslims, please be united in all your endeavours, so that we can avoid any obstacles that Allah forbid comes our way. This message is also to all Bahrainis.

Stop the sectarianism nonsense which is unfortunately still prevailing. We are all brothers and sisters in Islam and let us - for the love of Allah - not forget it.

Iran and the Bahraini Hizbollah are using you for their gain. They will ultimately discard you like a piece of tissue, once they have no use for you.

All you have achieved is the harming of Bahrain and put peoples' livelihoods at stake. Please wake up! What you need is a major "reality check", believe me, you will not get far. Think about it seriously and stop your useless hate crimes that are only hurting yourselves.

So stop what you are doing and let us have some semblance of peace and harmony. You should support His Majesty King Hamad's march towards reforms and progress for a brighter future for all Bahrainis. Um Ali

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