7th APRIL 2015 - Vol.XXXVIII No.018

Back-tracking on Palestine...

Before Palestinians seek their independent state, America must first achieve its political independence from Israel.

In October 1973 in an interview with Face the Nation, outstanding liberal chair of Senate Foreign Relations Committee Democratic Senator Fullbright declared: "Israelis control the policy in the congress and the senate."

In June 1990 on another TV programme, the McLaughlin Group, a conservative American columnist announced "Capitol Hill is Israeli occupied territory."

Unfortunately, the two pronouncements have been proven accurate over again with the passing of time.

Last year, president Obama told UN General Assembly: "When we come back here next year, we can have an agreement that can lead to a new member of the UN, an independent, sovereign state of Palestine ..."

This year, he cowered back as he must have failed to clear his last year's opening session speech with Israel's team at the White House and Congress. Obama's 2010 presage of Palestine's full UN membership was transformed in 2011 to "there is no short cut to the end" of this conflict.

Were the last 20 years of arduous talks between Israel and the Palestinians a "short cut"? Or was Obama practising his superior oratory aptitude to rationalise his ineffectiveness with an obdurate Israeli government who rejected outright all his peace initiatives and that of the Diplomatic Quartet?

Obama has proved again his impotency facing Israeli loyalists in Washington. Taking a "short cut" instead of dealing with Israeli temporising, he demanded Palestinians endure more under occupation, while Israel continued creating new "Jewish only" facts on the ground, pre-empting the outcome of the feign peace negotiation.

The recent warning by US Jewish leaders, threatening the Democratic Party in swing states such as Pennsylvania and Florida, which was manifested recently by supporting a Republican candidate in New York's ninth congressional district's election against a fellow Democratic nominee, must have been heard loud and clear by Obama.

America's exploitation at the hand of Israel's sponsors in Washington is no exception to the history of Zionists' exploitation of world powers starting with Germany up until the First World War, slanting towards the Soviets, before docking at the British isle to deliver them Palestine, and then settling in America, the new eminent world power after the Second World War.

Obama spoke at the UN of the "special relation" with Israel, a friendship as profound as Congress' deep bucket, and as enduring as saprophytic organism grows on organic matters. Once done, the Zionists will cough up the US like hyenas discarding the bones of consumed prey.

While celebrating a "remarkable year" by the disappearance of Gadaffi, Ben Ali, Mubarak and Bin Laden, all of whom with no exceptions, were admired friends of a US administration at one time or another, Obama must be eying the 2112 re-election. Hence, "justice" and "universal rights" in Palestine are expended for another four cosy years in the White House.

In his speech on the Arab Spring, Obama was sanguine on the march for freedom, while he continues to see the tree, but misses the Arab forest. A forest stained by an occupation denying Palestinians with their "dignity and freedom." The Israeli occupation, for the people of the forest, represents dictatorship multiplied by combining totalitarianism and collective subjugation.

The forest exemplified by the new democracies sweeping the Arab world and replacing archaic governing dictators interested in their longevity rather than the well-being of their nations. The new view from the forest has been reinforced in the unremitting protests by the free democratic people of Egypt against the Israeli embassy in Cairo.

Unlike past dictatorship era, America must prepare for a new Arab government model mirroring the wishes of their subjects rather than the illusionary grandeur egotistic dictators.

Hence, America's future position in the Arab world will likely be gauged by the level of US political independence from Israel. Congress' addiction on pro-Israel Jewish votes and money will only weaken America's economic supremacy and benefit the new burgeoning world economies. After which, the Zionists will move on to a new world exploit.

The independent state of Palestine will run parallel to America's political independence from Israel. As such, Zionists' captive America is inept to play an impartial role in a constructive peace process in the Middle East.

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